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The Attor de Gibet C. 1410 -1440

Christine de Pizan style 'Attor de Gibet' Headdress in Fine White Linen This style of Headdress was worn for many years by the middle classes and is a well known head covering, as a famous Medieval female writer is always pictured wearing it. Christine de Pizan.

The headdress itself was known at the time as "Attor de Gibet" and was Burgundian-French in origin. It echoes the style of Headdress called "The Cross Tree" (also known as the "Gibbet") worn by Princess Beatrice, Countess of Arundel.

The cauls which project out at the sides on the Cross Tree Headdress are practically vertical on the Attor de Gibet and called "Templettes." These templettes resemble horns (some contempory comments refer to Ladies and old women being called "Old Cows") to which complicated starched white veils would then be attached to the templettes using pins (one reference says "long Silver pins"). Sometimes Jewels, Gold or Silver embellished the Templettes on the Headdress (as seen on a Beautiful Effigy at St Maryís Church, Abergavenny) other than the usual pure white Linen or Gauze. This style was effortlessly elegant in its simplicity.

During the 1430ís, the Templettes became very much smaller and starting to be angled towards the back of the head. Veils were still draped over them, though not so heavily starched, giving a much softer look as seen in two paintings by Rogier Van de Weyden.

  1. Lady wearing a Gauze Headdress c.1435
  2. Exhumation of Saint Hubert c.1436-9

Italian versions of this Horned Headdress were made of leather with no veil and the hair pushed through each of the horns, to fall gracefully down the back.

Other Headdresses worn during the time period of the Attor de Gibet would be The Cross Tree and the classic Heart Shaped Hennin. By 1440, the Attor de Gibet was considered unfashionable and a new style of headdress began to emerge, The Hennin.

Christine de Pizan Style Headdress, the 'Attor de Gibet' with Fine White Linen Christine de Pizan style 'Attor de Gibet' Headdress in Fine White Linen Original image of Christine de Pizan


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