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The Chaperon C.1272 - 1480

Dark Blue Velvet Chaperon, Lined with Gold Brocade The "Chaperon" started by being the "Hood and Liripipe" and was worn around the time of 1272 during the first years of the reign of Edward I. When the Hood and Liripipe was worn, rich and poor sometimes wore the Liripipe wrapped around the forehead or around the throat like a scarf.

By the time of Edward II and Edward III, the Hood and Liripipe was still worn in that manner, but occasionally became a hat called a "Chaperon" (it is also referred to as a "Roundlet"). The opening for the face was put over the head, with the edge rolled up to make the roll. The shoulder cape, "Gorget", hung over one side of the face, dagged in various ways, the Liripipe was on the other.

Even though the Hood and Liripipe was worn as the "Chaperon" before 1377, it suddenly became "fashionable" to wear it in this way. Fashionable and ordinary men adopted many fantastic arrangements. It was not easy to arrange and was probably converted into a fixed style of headgear by some court dandy. When outside, nobles and merchants still wore the hood, but with the "Chaperon" over the top. Lower classes still wore the hood and Liripipe in its usual way.

During the 14th and 15th Centuries the Liripipe became longer, until it was often draped over one shoulder or tucked in a belt. Frequently the Chaperon was lined in another colour and a rich Gold ornament or brooch was worn attached to the front of the roll.

Throughout the reigns of Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI and Edward IV men wore the "Chaperon." They can be seen on carvings in many churches and in Tres Riches Heures - Duc De Berry´s Book of Hours and the Duke of Bedford´s Book of Hours, where many men are wearing colourful arrangements.

Red dagged woollen chaperon Burgundy velvet chaperon Red and gold woollen chaperon Blue and red woollen chaperon Fine Black Wool, with Red Silk Chaperon Norman Luff wearing a red wool chaperon Dark Blue Velvet Chaperon, Lined with Gold Brocade Dark and Light Blue Fine Wool Chaperon, Oak Leaf Dagged Rich Red Velvet with Fine Blue Wool Chaperon, Oak Leaf Dagged Black and Champagne Velvet Chaperon Red Wool Chaperon with Embroidered and Goldwork Heraldry on Red Silk


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