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The Flowerpot and Butterfly Hennin C.1470 - 1485

Red Silk encrusted in Goldwork and embroidery, with Pearls and Jewels with a fine Silk Veil During the year of 1470, a new style Hennin came to be fashionable. This was the "Flowerpot Hennin." It consisted of cap of cone construction, very much like the Steeple Hennin, of the previous fashion but "Truncated," cut off half way down.

Hair was starting to be visible around the forehead, so it would have been drawn quite loosely away from the forehead, into a bun at the back of the head. The Flowerpot Hennin" was placed over this and worn at a 45° angle at the back of the head. Women of lower rank kept to the styles of headdresses from the previous reign.

From this shorter variety of Hennin, another decorative style appeared at the same time and was very popular at Court. This was the "Butterfly Hennin." Wires or canes came out of the back of the Hennin and were used to support fantastically arranged veils in ´V´ shapes. During the time of Edward V and Richard III this style of headdress was the most fashionable form to wear. Examples of this style of "Hennin" can be seen on many brasses in various churches throughout England. A Lady from the Clopton Family (1480), Melford Church, Suffolk and Lady Say (1473), Broxbourne Church, Herts are just two of them.

Both "Hennins" would have been covered in brilliantly coloured silks, velvets and "other costly stuff" (gold and silver tissue) aswell as being richly and heavily embroidered. Very transparent rectangular veils, measuring approx. 71"x 15", would have been "Richly" hemmed and hung over the wires the back of the "Hennin."

Merchant and middle class women would have echoed the styles worn by the upper classes and the elderly would have continued to wear the "Heart Shaped Hennin" or the "Horned Headdress" with a wimple, as the "Hennin" was for "Smart young things."

15th Century flowerpot hennin Cream Brocade and Red Truncated Hennin, with Veil Silver Truncated Hennin with fine Silver Trim and encrusted in Red Jewels

Elizabeth Woodville Style Hennin

Authentic Silk Brocade Late C15th Hennin, with Silk Veil. Made for a Wedding Image of Elizabeth Woodville wearing the headdress this copy based on Bronze Silk Elizabeth Woodville Hennin with Goldwork, Gold Flowers at intersections and Pearls 'Old Gold' Silk Elizabeth Woodville Hennin with Goldwork and at intersections encrusted with Freshwater Pearls to resemble Flowers Dark Green Silk embroidered with Goldwork and Freshwater Pearls with a fine Silk Veil Brocade with a Black Edge finished with Pearls and a fine Silk Veil Red Silk encrusted in Goldwork and embroidery, with Pearls and Jewels with a fine Silk Veil Black Silk Brocade Hennin with Gold Braid and Seed Pearls with hand sewn and pinned Veil


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