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Kats Hats Historical Headdresses, Costumes and Accessories are individually hand-crafted to order and customised to suit existing outfits or a new ensemble for any historical setting be it Re-enactment, Music and Dance.

Kats Hats Historical Headdresses, Costumes and Accessories cover the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries and each one is accurately researched for the period and is uniquely designed to suit the wearer and their requirements.

"Opus Anglicanum" with Goldwork a Speciality.

Individual quotes available on request.

In c.1351-/3? there was a French King and the Dauphin's Hat maker called 'Kathelot the Royal Hatter' who was also milliner for 'Jeanne de France, Lords of the Exchequer, 3 Treasurers, a Treasury Clerk' and 'Jean de Fol' the Royal Fool.

"every chapel d'or made for Jeanne de France by Kathelot la chapeliere was approved directly by her treasurer and enterd among the Jewels". One such hat was "embroidered with Cyprus gold thread, set with pearls and garnets and flowers mainly composed of pearls".

My History

I started making headdresses because as a re-enactor, I couldn't find the headdresses that I wanted to buy at re-enactor markets. There was nothing specifically tailored for medieval noble women, apart from a few bits here and there.

After making a few headdresses for myself in my original society, other ladies in the group asked me if I would make headdresses for them.

From there, at events across the country, ladies from other societies asked about my headdresses and if I would make a headdress specifically for them.

In October 2004 I had my first stall for Kats Hats at David Smith´s National Living History Fair, at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre.

Since then I have been commissioned to produce High Quality Bespoke pieces of work for Re-enactors and Medieval Interpreters in the UK and Worldwide, English Heritage, CADW and Museums.


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