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Kats Kittens Historical Hats, Costumes and Accessories for Children are individually handcrafted to order and can be made to High or Low Status to match the parentís outfits and requirements for any event within the Re-enactment setting.

Kats Kittens Historical Hats, Costumes and Accessories cover the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries and customised with loose fitting soft fabrics to suit the comfortable needs of Babies, Toddlers and Children. Young Men and Young Ladies High or Low Status also catered for.

Individual quotes available on request

A Bit of History

Children's Medieval Costume

Children's written costume evidence is very hard to come by. Boys' outfits are extremely rare and girl's outfits seem to be ignored completely. We do have contempory manuscript evidence though. What is known about Noble boys and girl's is that both were miniature versions of their parents. The richer the parent, the richer the child was dressed.

Boy's had 'biggins' (a Black or White Coif) and wore the fashion of the day, as did the girls. Both wore a biggin from birth and the girls, as they grew, wore theirs with their hair loose tumbling from under it, sometimes with a circlet over the top. Girls at the age of nine (even younger for high status) were allowed to wear an adult style headdress, again with their hair loose until they married. Boys as they grew wore the men's fashion of the time.

Babies were swaddled (wrapped in a long bandage with 'Diapers', an American word we think today, but actually very old English word for nappy) which was thought to help the limbs grow straight. This we are unable to do in extreme to babies today, but in Russia it is still common practice.

Today at events, we overcome this by dressing our babies and children in loose fitting outfits like a shift, chemise with a biggin.


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