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  • http://www.trehawsa.com/index.htm - "LAMMAS" Medieval Musical Duo - Sarah Deere-Jones and Phil Williams. Courses, Concerts, Music and CDs, History and lots more! Available for Historical Events and Medieval Weddings. Highly recommended!
  • http://www.yecompaynyeofcheualrye.com/ - Specialises in portraying life in the Turbulent fourteenth-century with soldiers in period costume displaying their arms, armour and other artefacts.
  • http://www.sirjustyn.com/home.htm - Abbey's premier Tournament Champion in Australia, who specializes in the 14th Century with perfect accuracy within his Australian Re-enactment Group "Estlite d' Corps."
  • http://www.busymolemusic.co.uk/ - Makers of small harps, lyres and psalteries. Specialists in early music, period and early musical instruments, books, sheet music and early music CDs.
  • http://schiltron.squarespace.com/ - Schiltron is Aberdeen's premier group of medieval re-enactors who portray Scottish life during the period of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce (1297 - 1329) to the late fifteenth century and to the battle of Flodden in 1513.
  • http://www.armisheraldics.me.uk - For exceptional heraldic banners visit Armis Heraldics Home of Gerald ye Herald
  • http://www.plantagenet.org.uk - Plantagenet Medieval Society
  • http://www.themcs.org - The Medieval Combat Society
  • http://lancasters-armourie.info - Lancaster Armourie
  • http://www.knightsofhonour.info - Medieval Re-enactment
  • http://www.cherryblossomneedlecraft.co.uk - Cherry Blossom Needlecraft
  • http://www.rhds.org.uk - Renaissance Historical Dance Society
  • http://www.michaeljecks.co.uk - Master of the Medieval Murder Mystery, with the longest running series of medieval crime books set in the later years of Edward II's reign.
  • http://www.ianmortimer.com - Historian and Historical Biographer. Author of four medieval biographies: the Life of Sir Roger Mortimer; The Perfect King: The Life of Edward III; The Fears of Henry IV and 1415: Henry V's Year of Glory. He is also the author of The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century, which was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller.
  • http://www.gaita.co.uk - Ga´ta is Scotland's specialist medieval music ensemble dedicated to performing their music in a medieval context. The core of their repertoire is the secular and courtly music of Medieval Europe - particularly from Scotland, France, Spain and Italy.
  • http://www.lumina4music.com - Period and Contempory Music, Song and Entertainment. Lumina share a pleasure in music making, they explore over 500 years of music and song using many authentic instruments.
  • http://www.myspace.com/daughtersofelvin - Daughters of Elvin present the spirit of Medieval Europe with music, masks, dance and giant stilt puppets. They give powerful displays of colour, movement and sound based around carefully researched music and bring to life images inspired by medieval paintings,carvings and literature.
  • http://www.medievalmusicians.co.uk - Medieval Musicians are a trio from Daughters of Elvin available for smaller events, weddings and workshops.
  • http://www.company-of-the-rose.co.uk - The Company of the Rose are a multiperiod group - specialising in 15th Century.
  • http://allthingsmedievalpodcast.blogspot.com/ - A blog for the All Things Medieval podcast, hosted by Sir Justyn.
  • http://www.eslitedcorps.com - The premier 14th century Living History, medieval interpretation and performance ensemble.
  • http://www.happeninghistory.co.uk - Happening History provide displays on medieval life and life on the British Home Front during WW2.
  • http://www.plymouthmedievalsociety.com/index.htm - The Plymouth Medieval Society spans the period 1380 to 1485, concentrating on one of the most exciting and turbulent periods in our country's history.
  • http://www.Buckles-medieval.co.uk - Pat and Clive Buckle are a small family concern who produce simply stunning medieval themed art work for the home and for enhancing your period encampment and many replica items in wood, including the base plaques, practice swords and daggers.


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