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The Mans Cap C.1191 - 1480

Regal Blue Velvet Man's Cap with Escutcheon with Freshwater Pearls The "Cap" started to be worn during the time of Richard I. It consisted of round crown with an upstanding brim and was referred to as a "Cap of Dignity" or "Chapeau of Estate." Richard himself had one at his coronation in red silk and ermine. During his visit to Cyprus in 1190 it was documented that he wore a cap that was "Scarlet and embroidered in gold, of animals."

During the time of Henry III, the King of Navarre was documented wearing his "Cap of Gold, and his knights wearing Caps of taffeta, embroidered."

By 1307 the Cap, with a point projecting from the front, was in general use. Even into the 14th and 15th centuries men of all levels of society wore the Cap in this style, peasants, Henchmen, Tinkers, Scholars, Physicians, Architects, Merchants and Nobles. The Cap was also used for coronations for the Sovereign of England, and always of crimson velvet with white ermine on the brim.

Other hats worn during this period are Tall Hats, Broad Brimmed Hats of Felt or Straw, Beaver Hats, The Bag Hat, Hood and Liripipe and the favourite, the "Chaperon."

C15th Black Wool and Black Silk Cap C14th Midnight Blue Velvet Cap, trimmed with Silver Braid and Feathers C14th Black Silk Cap, trimmed with Gold Braid and centre front Escutcheon, with a Pheasant feather C14th Black Raw Silk Cap, trimmed with Gold and a White Ostrich Feather C15th Red and Blue Velvet Manís Cap, finished with hand Couched Goldwork Red and Gold Silk Cap with Gilt Goldwork Regal Blue Velvet Man's Cap with Escutcheon with Freshwater Pearls


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