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Tudor/Elizabethan Headdresses approx c. 1485 - 1603

Here is a small selection of Tudor and Elizabethan Headdresses I make.

Black Velvet French Bonet with the Brim laced about the crown twice with Gold Cord and Aglets English Gable Hood in Black Velvet with Gold and Black Stiffened Jewelled Lappet Gold Brocade and Black Velvet Gable Hood French Hood in Cream Silk, with Cream Synthetic Pearls and Jewels A Rose Pink Silk and White Raw Silk French Hood, Trimmed with Jewels and Pearls, with a Black Velvet Veil A Sage Green Velvet Attifet Headdress, with Peridot Jewels and Pearls White Raw Silk Attifet Headdress with White and Gold Jewels and Pearls A Rose Pink Silk Hat, with Peacock Feather Embroidered Black Satin Italian Bonet, trimmed with Gold and Feathers

Look out for the Tudor Section coming 2011


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