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Miscellaneous Section

This section is for Hats and Headdresses that are very diverse and unusual

Burgundy Silk Victorian 'Pork Pie' hat, with Burgundy Ribbons, Feathers and Silk Flowers
Victorian 'Pork Pie' Hat        Victorian 'Pork Pie' Hat
Victorian 'Pork Pie' Hat (front and back view)

Another Flemish Headdress worn throughout the Continent from Flanders to Italy. No other information is known at present
Silver Cornet Headdress, covered in semi-transparent Real Gold Silk and encrusted in Jewels and Pearls The Cornet Headdress

Favoured in France and Italy and in one picture, worn by a Noble Ladies companion, who was a Lady of rank in her own right
Black Velvet Mortar Hennin with Eye Veil The Mortar Hennin

If you see an image of a Hat or Headdress you like and have no idea of how to go about making it, send me picture of your chosen Headdress and I shall be happy to reproduce it for you.


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